Dispute Resolution

International Arbitration

ICC arbitrations: an energy company dispute with Columbian state agencies, Chilean mining against manufacturer and supplier of ore conveyor system, transportation of flowers from Ethopia to Europe, tanker turbines and distribution and agency agreements

LCIA arbitrations: Bolivian state agency dispute with US airline investment group, Eastern European investment disputes involving the EBRD, commodities supply dispute

ICSID: construction and energy related disputes, foodstuff and cement distribution

Other: Experience in CIETAC, Malaysian & Singapore arbitrations, Political Risk Insurance advice, UNCC damages claim for Kuwaiti oil company

Commercial Litigation

Injunctions: against former employee of international merchant bank for delivery up of bank’s software programs; successful defence and discharge of worldwide freezing and search orders against multiple defendant recruitment agencies and injunctions for breaches of confidentiality agreement and share purchase agreement

Warranty claims: for breach of sale and purchase agreement following management buyout

Mediation: Assisting in multi-jurisdictional claim against airline by banks for breach of syndicated finance agreement settled by mediation

Evidence gathering: Obtaining evidence in aid of foreign proceedings including applying for and conducting depositions of local witnesses under statutory authority

Legal Risk Management & General Commercial Advice

Commercial work: confidentiality agreements, NDAs, terms of business, engagement letters for commercial organisations

Contract review projects: for large or small companies setting up or establishe

Senior management advice: on third party risk management as a result of a crisis or as part of on-going risk management or merger strategies

Regulatory risk management: including data protection and processing for both large and small sized companies

General third party contracting review advice: covering all aspects of a company trading activity, domestic or international including distribution and agency agreements worldwide